The First Days of School

Helpful tips for The 1st Days of School.

The effective teacher is able to apply a task so that the students stay focused and do not waste precious instructional time while teaching and learning take place.

An effective teacher has created a plan to establish and maintain a well designed and managed classroom. Students respond positively to a well-designed routine.

As stated by Harry Wong:

As a teacher your first priority is to get students started when class starts.

They can then feel comfortable within the classroom environment and take control and participate effectively in their instruction and learning. The most effective classes are those where the students are self disciplined, self-motivated and take responsibility for learning.

In my role as the instructor of a piano lab, my students whether beginners, intermediate or advanced all go to their respective pianos and begin warm ups for 10-15 minutes. The warm up process include scales and arpeggios played with both hands in various assigned keys and in at least two octaves ascending and descending. Advanced students will play scales in four octaves ascending and descending.

Roll can be taken by the teacher while the students are practicing their warm up performance of scales and arpeggios. In this way Class begins uninterrupted and the focus of instruction is clearly established. The class is now prepared for positive learning target outcomes. Roll has been taken and recorded.

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